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Wireless has proven to deliver value and significant benefits to the industrial automation industries.

To date, wireless solutions have been installed worldwide in all major industries and control and monitoring applications. Wireless networks, devices and solutions are excepted to continue to dramatically increase due to their cost-effective ROI compared to the wired alternatives. Because the majority of installed control/DCS system are either at or near capacity and at the end of their expandability life, wireless provides a low-cost alternative acting as a kind of remote I/O.

past problem

solutions are difficult to use, expensive, and limited in their flexibility

the WIN Logo solution

  1. easy to buy, easy to setup, and easy to use
  2. flexible and interoperable - independent of control system supplier
  3. a new and cost effective approach to the design construction of devices and solutions

Not all applications require explosion-proof nor do they have to be expensive and difficult to set up.

  1. site-survey tool
  2. device configuration tool
  3. built-in flexibility and expandability
  4. all standard and "in-the box"

You no longer need to be a wireless expert to select, configure, use, and integrate wireless solutions.

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