WIN offers the DataManager & DashBoard software applications to provide clear visual status of WIN Network Sensors

DataManager DashBoard
Wireless Industrial Networks Solution Overview

The flow of data via the WIN Sensor system is shown above. You begin by selecting a WIN Sensor and plugging it into the WIN Transmitter. Once the sensor is plugged in it will automatically begin transmitting. The Data is then received by the WIN Gateway and sent on to the WIN DataManager software. With the DataManager, you can direct this information to either the WIN Dashboard or to the OPC client of your choice

Data Manager
Data Manager Logo

WIN’s DataManager software takes sensor information from your WIN Gateway and displays it in an easy to understand manner. With this software, you can view your sensors status’, view data flow, and configure your WIN Gateways. The DataManager also gives you the option to forward this information on to the WIN DashBoard or to the OPC client of your choice.


WIN’s DashBoard takes sensor information from your WIN DataManager software and displays it in an easy to view and manage format. With the DashBoard you can take advantage of many built-in functions including:

  • Alarm setting – there are 4 alarm settings per sensor so you can customize your system to work the best for YOU!
  • Bright and easy to see Indicator lights - so you can always see if there is a problem at a glance!
  • Groups – easily create groups of sensors to make them more manageable
  • Email/Text Message – set users and email groups so that if an alarm goes off you are notified immediately
  • Graphing – so you can see the trends of what is happening over any period of time you desire
  • Sensor comparison – so you can correlate data to make educated decisions

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